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Default Re: Battle of The Henchmen 2013

Oh my god!!! I can not decide! All of them were fantastic, and I am including Faora in this even though I did not like MOS too much. Ummm... I may have to ponder this for a while before I can decide, these "henchmen" and "henchwomen" were all pretty great. I may have to up Viper and Kurse a tiny bit over Savin and Faora since Viper and Kurse were a REALLY BIG threat to Wolvie/Thor, but I can not decide between the two if I had to quite yet. It may take an extra viewing of Thor since I have already seen the Wolverine twice to really judge which one I prefer.

EDIT: Oh wait this is a battle thread... Um I would probably have to say Kurse... but maybe Faora. That would be an interesting fight, I mean Faora is definitely faster than Kurse however I believe Kurse is probably more durable than Faora, both still being super durable. If Kurse actually got Faora down, and if he doesn't stop relentlessly hitting her, then he would win. But of course he would need to actually make contact with her for that to happen... so IDK... My brain is frying trying to decide the outcome. The other two, while strong in there own right, don't stand a chance against these guys from different realms/planets.

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