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Default Re: The next Wolverine film?

I'd like to see things happen where instead of Wolverine being part of Weapon X, with an altered they instead focused on Sabertooth alone and the fact that he was a complete psychopath scared the crap out of the Russians who themselves found a mutant with zero empathy and a ton of anger issues and used him in Afghanistan in the attempt to match the West.

Naturally, Sabertooth goes AWOL, which makes the Western Bloc look like fools and Omega Red is responsible for so many war crimes that the Soviet Union puts him on ice.

Naturally, Russian gangsters unfreeze Omega Red. He then kills them, takes over their organization and begins a terror campaign across Moscow.

This is where Wolverine has to choose to go back to infusing himself with adamantium even though it will affect his quality of life. It's something that he simply has to do to protect the innocent even though he doesn't want to. The main theme of the film would be making personal sacrifices to ensure the greater good and how the strong have a responsibility to protect the weak.

Keep in mind that Omega Red's carbonadium synthesizer is damaged in the third act which makes him toxic. During the final fight, Omega Red does infect Wolverine and he is in danger of dying against somebody who is a superior version of him. This is at a point where Wolverine has given up on life as he has all of his memories and part of him genuinely does want Omega Red to kill him. This is a man who truly does want to die but keeps fighting on because other people still need him.

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