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Default Re: Will Hawkeye Still be a Part of SHIELD in AoU?

Originally Posted by metaphysician View Post
Why would anyone think Hawkeye would even come within spitting distance of a court or legal proceeding, period? There's no need to convince a DA or jury of *anything*, because he's not going to be tried, or arrested, in the first place. Never mind that the analogies to drunk driving are utterly, laughably fallacious.

Put bluntly, if SHIELD is fine with employing Black Widow, who actually *was* a willing murderer for hire, they are not going to kick Hawkeye out for being mind controlled.
Hawkeye's situation has nothing to do with Black Widow's at all. Widow is a Russian, possibly dating back to the Soviet era, spy. Intel agencies try to recruit the opposition all the time, it's part of the spy game. OTOH, having your own agent, in a moment of mental weakness, suddenly try to kill large numbers of your agency en masse does not speak well for that agent's future with the company.

*Edit: and who said anything about "drunk driving," anyway? Christ, you're a terrible reader. I was talking about people who commit homicide when they're not in complete control of their faculties. Going out and murdering a ****load of people while you're on a bender isn't the same thing as crashing your car into a tree because you had one too many at the pub.


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