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Default Re: The Avengers 2! The Official News and Speculation Thread - Upgrade section 5

Originally Posted by cherokeesam View Post
I don't find watching RDJ getting all weepy about being responsible for a genocidal killer robot to be interesting or "good character writing," either.

I'd personally rather see Marvel make their most daring move yet by cooking their golden goose (at least for a 2-3 year interval) and letting the rest of the team learn how to stand at the box office on their own merits, instead of perpetually making the MCU "Iron Man and His Amazing Friends."
Avengers wasn't Iron Man and His Amazing friends. Avengers was a very well rounded film. I think giving Stark a reason to doubt himself and question whether or not he himself is a monster (like his creation) is VERY compelling character writing. Much better than a cheap cliffhanger where he is "dead" but we all know he isn't "dead." Stark sees himself as a changed man, but would Ultron's destruction make him think he is still the weapons manufacturing monster? Much better story arc.

Originally Posted by DrCosmic View Post
Give me some examples of these more interesting storylines, keeping in mind that all of them happened after YEARS, Winter Soldier included. Cap's other great storylines like Captain America No More are too much like what's already been done, plus they don't help tie into anything Thanos related. So I'm not sure they're better ideas necessarily.

But I agree that Cap shouldn't be "killed off" for a majority of the film. That's why doing Return and Fallen Son simultaneously is such a great idea, because Steve is an active in the entire story, he's just doing it from random points in the past. He may be killed, but he's not "off" in any way shape or form. This has the added bonus of giving a heavy in depth history to a character that doesn't actually have it in the movie-verse. It's more than satisfying to see Steve Rogers be an epic military hero for the ages with a long history-filled history of excellence and strategy and demonstrate that on screen in order to win the day.
Cap's had many great storylines over the years. While the comic storyline of the serum killing Steve Rogers and making weak was poorly executed, on film that might make an interesting 3rd film. Winter Soldier's trailer indicates possibly using elements of Cap being an enemy of the state, so that probably is out. You can use many of Mark Waid's stories from his Cap run instead. Cap has a lot of untapped potential without going with Fallen Son/Return of Steve Rogers this early.

I agree. Having him actually die, or a death cliffhanger is a bad idea because it's too close to what's been done before with the character.
Agreed, and it is primarily why I think killing Stark is a bad idea. If someone were to "die" I think Thor or Cap would work better (but I'm not really for either of them "dying" either). At least Thor could find a way out of Hela's realm or whatever in a 3rd film. I think Bucky Cap is a bad idea, but it could happen. But, as I noted earlier, I think better Thor/Cap 3 films are out there, than making ones that deal with a cheap cliffhanger.

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