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Default Re: The Double Standards Against Superman

Here are some interesting views.

Superman 1978 = Magic/Fantasy. Superman 2013 = Science Fiction


i think part or most of the appeal of the first 2 superman films is they were more Fantasy/Magic than sci fi

-Krypton/FOS like the inside of a snowflake - ice castles, crystal technology etc

-Wizard of Oz style Jor El teaching Kal El in his ice fortress

-Peter pan fairy tale line

-magic powers, turning back the earth/time etc

(SR obviously went that route as well - but not as well. where as III and IV were more 'real world' not as much Magic Fantasy elements as I or II)

where as MOS it was more SF, e.g.:

-HR Giger design style Krypton, FOS is an 'Alien/Thing' style spaceship. space suits etc

-Krypton looking like a 1930s/50s style pulp cover

-AI Jor El activated by USB flash sticks

-Kryptonian pre visitation, possible hint they created mankind? (or at least heavily influenced it)

-WOTW/ID4 style battles/alien invasion

By scabab


Times change.

By CobTheSpiderMage

This is largely why I prefer MOS to S:TM. One of my friends complained about MOS being "too sci-fi", and I asked him what the hell he expected given it's a movie about an alien. In S:TM, Superman was viewed as a kind of fairy-tale figure/celebrity. People's reactions to him were ridiculous in that movie, not to mention the major impact that the presence of such a being would have on the world. Even the recent Marvel movies dealt with this issue in a smarter way, what with first contact (Thor's brief visit to Earth) changing everything, and the world governments realising just how insignificant we really are. In the Reeve movies, Superman might as well have been a kind of Santa Claus figure instead of a spaceman. MOS, on the other hand, definitely didn't shy away from the fact that Superman is an alien, something I appreciated. I got a kick out of when he was first referred to as "Superman" by that soldier.

In the Christopher Reeve movies, a lot seemed more like magic (yeah, I know, sufficiently advanced tech, blah, blah). Magic outfit changes, magic power-removing chambers, magic crystals, etc. The only thing in MOS that seemed more "magic" than technological based is that codex thingy. All in all, MOS was a much better thought out movie. I'm not sure if it's because times are different, or that people expect more from movies nowadays, but either way, I'm thankful for it.

To read more.

Superman 1978 = Magic/Fantasy. Superman...

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