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Default Re: Thor (from TDW) vs Superman (from MOS) who wins in a fight, and why ?

You need to watch The Smallville fight again, Namek was clearly Supes superior in strength and yes Supes blows did staggered him. But what is that suppose to mean, Namek physically over powered Sues and slammed him around 80% of the fight. Supes only advantage against Name was flight and heat vision, Supes flight is the reason he was able to lift Name into the air and punch him away. It had nothing to do with him who was stronger.

You bring up the fact that Supes was able to hold his own against guys in his league, but Thor did just as good against Hulk who is clearly his superior. No Hulk didn't sling Thor around the whole fight, he only slammed Thor once and threw him once at the end of the fight. Most of the fight consisted of Thor out maneuvering Hulk, blocking his attacks, and striking Hulk (3 times) more often than Hulk struck him (once). Kurse is clearly much stronger than Thor and from what I hear he's even stronger than Hulk, so Supes fighting beings in his strength range is not the same as Thor fighting guys a good deal stronger than himself.

No one said Tornadoes you're putting words in my mouth and ignoring the context of my statement. I merely stated that the portals pull couldn't be too strong since Lois Lane fell right in front of it and didn't get pulled. Also that wasn't a black hole it was a portal to the phantom zone.

Yes I do think Thor can land strikes with his hammer since Supes has practically zero fighting skills and doesn't make the best use of his super speed. Also yes Thor can take punches from Supes as he took one from Hulk and actually smiled afterwards. Stop saying Kurse nearly killed when clearly that didn'thappen, since when does receiving a few scratches constitute as almost dying.

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