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Default Re: Thor (from TDW) vs Superman (from MOS) who wins in a fight, and why ?

Originally Posted by BigThor View Post
You need to watch The Smallville fight again, Namek was clearly Supes superior in strength and yes Supes blows did staggered him. But what is that suppose to mean, Namek physically over powered Sues and slammed him around 80% of the fight. Supes only advantage against Name was flight and heat vision, Supes flight is the reason he was able to lift Name into the air and punch him away. It had nothing to do with him who was stronger.

You bring up the fact that Supes was able to hold his own against guys in his league, but Thor did just as good against Hulk who is clearly his superior. No Hulk didn't sling Thor around the whole fight, he only slammed Thor once and threw him once at the end of the fight. Most of the fight consisted of Thor out maneuvering Hulk, blocking his attacks, and striking Hulk (3 times) more often than Hulk struck him (once). Kurse is clearly much stronger than Thor and from what I hear he's even stronger than Hulk, so Supes fighting beings in his strength range is not the same as Thor fighting guys a good deal stronger than himself.

No one said Tornadoes you're putting words in my mouth and ignoring the context of my statement. I merely stated that the portals pull couldn't be too strong since Lois Lane fell right in front of it and didn't get pulled. Also that wasn't a black hole it was a portal to the phantom zone.

Yes I do think Thor can land strikes with his hammer since Supes has practically zero fighting skills and doesn't make the best use of his super speed. Also yes Thor can take punches from Supes as he took one from Hulk and actually smiled afterwards. Stop saying Kurse nearly killed when clearly that didn'thappen, since when does receiving a few scratches constitute as almost dying.

Smallville fight: Dude, when I'm wrong, I admit it. And I think you're getting a bit serious here, but anyway, here we go. If you want to go to the tape and look at footage, that's fine.

I'm watching the Smallville fight right now. If you want to get technical, Nam Ek slams supes at 1;34:14, and boots him in the head (you reckon Thor could take the slam and a kick in the head from the Hulk ? if by your own argument Nam Ek is that strong ?) anyway at 1:34:30 he gets flipped over and is waking up, so he's out for around 15-16 seconds. Next Nam ek and Faora both attack him, he slams Faora into the ground, avoids Nam ek's stomp, gets grabbed as he tries to fly away. (btw, when does Thor take on 2 beings of similar power to himself, at the same time.......) Anyway, the fight continues. Both of them hold him down, he blasts them with heat vision, and then gets up. Not a scratch, and he's been slammed through pavement several times.
The army opens fire, Supes bounces some cannon fire off his forehead, then saves the falling pilot gets blind-sided and is out of shot while Faora wipes out the US Army.
0h-ho, Supes is back up and Trading blows with Nam Ek again for 2 seconds.
then cut to Faora smirking at col. Hardy.
Okay back to Supes, 1:36;48 knocks Nam Ek back, punches him 4-5 times each time knocking him back, flies him up in the air and punches him into the train yard. (1:36:55) at 1:37:15 Supes slams Faora into the ground, to save Col Hardy. at 1:37:41 the train comes flying into view (btw, how do you think Thor would do being hit by a train, thrown by the Hulk, if you like ?) at 1:38:40 Supes steps out from where the train hit him, not a scratch.

So there you have it, that's what actually happened. Supes gets smacked around a lot, but doesn't lie there and get beat on, no, he gets up and gives it back -to two opponents with similar powers.

However, he was still in trouble, fighting two of them at once. Who knows,
without the Army acting as a distraction, they might have gotten the better of him, he might have even been in as much trouble as Thor fighting Kurse.

On that note....

Now to Thor vs Kurse.... and your assertion that Thor was not in mortal danger from Kurse.....What was Thor's plan, to bash Kurse's fists with his face until they got sore, or lie there getting beaten on until Kurse got bored and left? Dude, if you don't accept that Thor was screwed, then Loki stepped in for nothing. I'm sure I'll see TDW again, and if you're right. That Thor wasn't in any danger there, or just got a few scratches, I'll happily admit it.

However, I think it makes the story better if he is in danger, without risk there's no tension. In fact, you would have a valid argument that Thor is the superior character because he has to struggle more, against greater odds.

I did some google searches with "Loki saves Thor" and similar search strings.
Apparently some other people out there think that perhaps Thor was in a spot of bother, the word "saves" shows up a lot, as opposed to the words "Thor was just taking it easy, lulling Kurse into a false sense of security, could have gotten up at any time, no problem, and then Loki stepped in."

So saying that Kurse nearly killed Thor...well actually I think he did, and in doing so made the movie better. Just think about that from a story point of view.

You are completely right that Kurse is stronger than Thor, so is Thor fighting someone stronger than himself -which doesn't seem to end too well for him.

While we're on the subject of thor fighting somebody stronger than him......

Hulk vs Thor,

I dug out the Avengers and watched that Thor v Hulk clip (it takes 2 arms to block the Hulk's strike), you are correct about that king-hit with Mjolnir, but the Hulk gets up and starts throwing stuff. After the Hulk punches Thor, he gets a nosebleed, yes he smiles after this. Then he throws Mjolnir, which hulk catches, and can't lift. Then Thor jumps on Hulk's back and tries to choke him. They keep fighting and that fight ends with the Hulk throwing Thor around like a rag-doll (not smiling now) and ends when Hulk attacks the jet (after it distracts him with some cannon fire)

Btw if Thor's so invulnerable, why does he throw himself on the ground out of the line of fire? Superman, and both Kryptonians get him by jet cannon fire , helicopter cannon fire and missiles, but don't bleed.

On the fighting skills front, Hulk doesn't have any fighting skills, just raw brutal power, (and no super speed, flight or heat vision). Yet Hulk doesn't seem to struggle that much against Thor, Thor gets in one good hit, but otherwise he's pretty much on the defensive.

So your statement that Thor did just as well against Hulk, who is clearly superior, doesn't seem to stack up. Have a look at 2:45 of this clip.

So how did these fights end ?

Thor vs Kurse = lying on the ground getting bashed
Thor v Hulk = slammed into the ground, chucked around like a rag doll.

We're definitely not going to agree on who's stronger, Kurse, Hulk or Superman, so not much point bringing that up.

Anyway, after seeing these clips, I actually think MOS Superman would have an even better chance of beating Thor.

I'm not saying that Thor couldn't defeat Superman, (still talking about the movie characters here, because the comic books answer that question definitively on who'd win, and we know who that is). However, having watched the tale of the tape, I think it's pretty unlikely.

Anyway, this doesn't diminish Thor as an enjoyable character and a great superhero. I'm guessing by your nickname, you're a huge Thor fan,
If it makes you feel better, neither Thor, nor Superman could defeat Galactus, or the 52 version of Darkseid (although maybe if they teamed up they could).

Anyway, it's been fun arguing with you about this, I suspect you'll have some
good come-backs for the stuff I've said, but I seriously doubt either one of
us is going to convince the other.

The truth is, that they probably wouldn't end up fighting on screen, and if they did, it would probably be a draw, after which they'd have a beer,
and maybe watch a football game.

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