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Default Re: Man of Steel vs Thor TDW, seen 'em both, what do you folks think ? Compare/contra

Yo Super-dudes. Out of interest I started some "who would win in a fight between MOS Superman and TDW Thor ?" threads (one's in Thor World, the other in Misc Comic movies) . If you get a chance pop over to the Thor world one and help me defend the man of Steel. The Thor fans are doing the Thunder God proud, and Supes is winning the poll, but we could use a few more arguments in favour of Supes coming out on top -as I'm nearly all
argued out.
I like to think I've done the Man of Steel proud (even posted pics of him defeating Thor, from JLA/Avengers, and a breakdown of the Smallville fight/ and thor vs Hulk. Anyway,
I think the thread would benefit from some other voices besides mine.

Sorry, I had to plug my other thread there. Anyway, I thought that many
folk who enjoyed MOS would like TDW. There are some bits in it that are a bit
lame, but there are some cool bits too, terrific visuals, and a great performance by Hiddleston as Loki.

Anyway, while the film is a bit less serious and introspective than MOS, it's still lots of fun, and the stakes are very high. I'm quite surprised you so many folk found it a lot less enjoyable than and less enjoyable than IM 3.

MOS was about a hundred times better than IM3, and Thor TDW was also far superior.
I hate it when heroes do something really ****ing stupid.

- Superman returns, = despite having super-senses, and an intense allergy to kryptonite landing on kryptonite continent and looking surprised when HE GETS HIS ASS KICKED !

- The Dark Knight Rises = taking on Bane solo, on his own turf, and after getting his ass kicked throwing a fire-cracker INSTEAD OF A ****ING GRENADE !!!!

- Iron Man 3 = picking a fight with an international terrorist, giving away his
address, then inviting his girlfriend over, AND NOT PUTTING UP ANY DEFENCES

I don't like my heroes being perfect, and when they make honest mistakes I feel for them.
But generally I get pissed off when the hero does something that's just plain stupid
(unless of course the character is a moron).
It undermines the character, and is kind of painful to watch as an audience.

Anyway, back to TDW.

Personally, I thought that the sci-fi elements of TDW (the dark elf spaceships, the alien worlds) would have been fun. Asgard is a lot sunnier than Krypton, but was brilliantly
rendered. Both films have an interesting take on alien worlds and technology, and I liked it.

Also, while HemsThor wasn't as good as Cav-El, he was still a solid lead. Also, like MOS there was a solid supporting cast (Portman, Hopkins, Russo and Hiddleston,) Eccleston was good but not as well-rounded as Zod.

Maybe people will enjoy it a bit more when it comes out on Blu-ray/dvd in a few months.

Anyway. Thanks for the posts Super-fans. Just saw an ad for MOS on TV, saving up my pennies !

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