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Default Re: The Official Man of Steel Blu Ray Thread

Originally Posted by MAN O STEEL View Post
Ok guys for anyone outside the U.S. The maximum movie mode is on your ultra violet copy of the film. I just discovered it last night. I'm so sorry if I misled anyone on not getting the extra feature. I just didn't read the fine print. So if you got the ultra violet copy, register it and you can watch the journey of discovery mode. Again apologies to anyone I have misled. Enjoy the feature. It was very indepth.

Please correct me if I'm wrong but you have to watch it on a device (computer, laptop, phone), you can't burn a copy on to disc and watch it thru on blu ray player.
And why the hell have Warner made it available only thru Ultra Violet and not put it on the other blu ray disc in set.
Is it because they are trying to force people to use Ultra Violet?
Not good enough from Warner at all.

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