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Default Re: Captain America 3 Villian

Meh, if we get Constrictor, I'd like to see a Serpent Society lineup of

Viper (as leader, later becomes Madame HYDRA)
Black Racer
Death Adder
Rock Python
Clack Mamba
Diamondback (who defects to join SHIELD)

Most of the Serpent Society would be random goons except for Viper (obviously) Constrictor (since he's cool) and Cut-Throat (since he's Diamondback's brother). Keep the rest for fights that have multiple goons fighting Cap at once. This could result in some VERY cool fight scenes.

The Serpent Society would be an international narcotics ring who Captain America is dispatched to fight in the city state of Madripoor off the coast of Malaysia.

That said, I still would rather have Zemo and a reformed HYDRA. This time around HYDRA is independent of any nation and wants to overthrow the world to improve it. On some level, this time around Cap might find himself having some level of sympathy towards them even though they're willing to kill innocents to achieve their goals.

Keep in mind that Zemo points out that SHIELD isn't entirely clean either and the main conflict is order vs. chaos.

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