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Default Re: We Need an X-Factor film

Or DOFP might create a new timeline that fixes things. I'm personally hoping for a soft reboot. The old 90s animated series began with a full lineup of characters who weren't the original 5. I like these composite casts. It means that fan favorites are able to debut earlier. I mean, if you stick just strictly to continuity, you'd have Rogue not even making a debut yet.

My point is that I like the X-Force lineup. It works and there's no reason why Rictor, Cannonball or X-23 couldn't be in a sequel. I doubt it's going to be a one-shot when you consider that X-Men, X-Force and X-Factor can divide up the series with three different franchises + Wolverine and Deadpool spin-offs.

Also, with regards to the MCU...

Iron Man originally fought Mandarin, not Iron Monger
Captain America was frozen when fighting the original Baron Zemo, not Red Skull
Black Widow was originally an ENEMY of the Avengers
Now Ultron is being created by Iron Man

Why don't people get angry at Marvel Studios over stuff like that?

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