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Default Re: Am I the only one who is pro-Special Editions?

I'm also pro-SE. However, I admit I wouldn't have made all the changes he did though. Things like the revised Death Star battle, the Tattooine expansions and all that I loved. The Palpatine hologram change is great, as well as the extended Wampa scenes on Hoth. Overall, most of the changes and additions I really enjoy.

I wouldn't have added the dance sequence in ROTJ. That was unnecessary. I also probably would leave out the Jabba scene as well in ANH. It is an ok scene, but it sort of retreads what we just saw with Greedo. Regarding the BD release, I actually like the first "No" Vader gives, but wish they didn't throw in the longer one when he grabs Palpatine. It feels like they're playing off the "Noooo" meme that sprang up after ROTS. Also, even as a Prequel fan I thought including Naboo at the end of ROTJ wasn't really needed.

I will say, I hated Greedo shooting first, because the scene looks really choppy. However, I like the BD release where its been made into almost a quick draw moment and Han wins.


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