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Default Re: We Need an X-Factor film

^ Some of the things you bring up are issues that some, like me, have a problem with. Ultron being created by Iron Man, instead of Pym. Many of us would rather see Pym and Janet brought into the team first, and then have Ultron...

As far as some of the differences in origin movies, I'm willing to forgive. Iron Monger instead of Mandarin was no biggie... I would have rather seen a build up to Mandarin. Of course I would have rather not seen Mandarin as some doped up actor, but you get the point...

Same with Camptain America. Red Skull is the big baddie, so makes sense to go with him in the origin.

With Avengers, we needed a sexy female character, and Wasp didn't make sense. The first incarnation of the Avengers only had Wasp as the female character, and having her forces Pym. With Cap, Hulk, Thor and Iron Man, having some lesser characters (Hawkeye and Widow) was smart. It could have been Scaret Witch, but Black Widow just made more sense.

But here is th difference...

Would Marvel Studios make Scarlet Witch 40 years older than Quicksilver? Would they have Widow in Ironman and then have her again in the Word War 2 error Captain America? No, that would be stupid, but these are the kind of things that have been done in the X-Men movies, right?

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