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Default Re: The Double Standards Against Superman


You dissapointment on how "superman" turned out in the end. And how it affected you in terms of shattering you vision of Superman and the thought that there may be an unshakable good is why I fine MOS very interesting.

As you explained with the Batman films talking about issues that the real world suffers from, I could not see a Superman story dealing with those same issues.

What is see from Kal in the movies ahead is a chance for redemption. How you feel, hopefuldreamer, is how the people and the children of Metropolis feel. Kal is a monster. But in watching the movie and seeing his past we all know that he isnt. I think this is where the true story of Superman begins. What actions does he take to redeem himself.

Could there have been some scenes where he saved some kids. Sure. But I dont think those who hated the killing would have liked the movie better. In movies last impressions count and the last action in that suit he took a life.

Are you not at all intrigued how he answers for his actions and his carelessness. Im very interested in seeing the growth of Superman as opposed to seeing him as a finished product by movie #1.

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