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Default Re: The next Wolverine film?

I have an idea.

basically i see it like this. in DOFP - future wolverine will help the First Class Team prevent the creation of the sentinels right?

i suspect that this bone claws wolverine will suit up with the first class team in a final battle.

i honestly think that there will be a mind wipe - scene where everybody gets their memories erased somehow - because wolverine has to meet xavier in the year 2000 and they can't alter the past too much or it will change the future.

i think that first class 3 or first class 4? should show the return of a young cyclops and jean grey along with beast and introduce a young storm too. and wolverine could be in his own film.

i honestly think that mangold and jackman could redo orgins! this time just call the film Weapon X.

Jackman could be in X-Force Films

and in his own film series.

In the animated series - Team X - (Wolverine, Sabertooth, Maverick, Silver Fox) go on a mission against Omega Red.

so this could fit in Historically. Omega Red was created during the cold war era - of the 70's/80's so this new wolverine film could take place during that time period.

and this film could take place in the past - after the events of DOFP - with bone claws wolverine doing black ops mission with William Stryker at first.

and we see him meet the typer mane version of sabertooth, an accurate depiction of Maverick (A german not the american-asian guy we saw in orgins) and a real native american (Silver Fox) - so

and in the film - we see Logan go against Omega Red with bone claws....and in this film we see a more hardcore - raw dark wolverine.

and the film can end with them Logan getting the adamantium precedure that we saw in the flashbacks in xmen 1 & 2.

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