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Default Re: The Double Standards Against Superman

Originally Posted by hopefuldreamer View Post
As I explained, I don't see how they can address his actions in MOS as careless or wrong in any way, without negating the supposed impossibility of the outcome, and without going back on the 'Your dad would be so proud of you' stuff that came straight after.

They've dug themselves into a hole.

But his dad and his mom could be proud of Clark. They're his parents. As big of a mess he left. He stepped up and saved the world. Lois knows, the family he saved from Zod saw that, his parents saw that. Kal will have is proponents.

The next thing for Kal is to build trust to those who hate him. Do acts of good deeds.

You say they dug themselves a hole. I think they built themselves a mountain to climb. They set him back many steps. Now he has to move forward and build his legacy.

Do you believe that this is the "final form" of Superman?

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