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Default Re: The Double Standards Against Superman

As I already stated, I don't think the film left us with anything close to a fully formed Superman.

But I don't feel like it ended with some indication there is a mountain to climb or any indication that redemption was neccesary.

I feel it ended with his actions celebrated.

By the world (the 'he saved us' line), by the military (by the scene that immediately followed in which Superman and the military seemed to have come to an agreement they were on the same side and could trust each other), and of course by his loved ones.

Where are you seeing this indication that somehow he has left a 'mess'?

It seems like people are only picking that up from the statements of Goyer and Snyder that exist outside of the actual events of the movie.

And since the casual movie goer will not have read those statements, they will be left with the same impression I am - that there was no negative reception to his actions. That it was absolutely the right thing to do, and the world agreed with him.

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