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Default Re: Will Hawkeye Still be a Part of SHIELD in AoU?

Well my preference would be that he's on voluntary leave, with the decision to reprieve him being made well before the shakeup of SHIELD's power structure. He's just hesitant to pick up the bow again and fight because of the guilt of physically killing his comrades while being mentally violated. He could play the wild card in AOU. His sudden re-introduction could be the thing that even tips the tables back in the team's favor during a crucial battle, and his explosive re-entry into service of the greater good could symbolize his acceptance of having had his free will taken. And we see this personal dilemma through the cracks of the primary action. Whedon did say that Hawkeye's role will be substantially improved this time around right?

Don't get me wrong though, a prison break sequence does sound awesome, and would definitely establish that the Avengers aren't quite affiliated with SHIELD anymore. But at the end of the day, the idea that Fury would allow Barton to be punished for such a thing is completely absurd to me. That is unless Smulder's isn't exaggerating when she says that Winter Soldier picks up right after the Avengers, and the power shakeup is literally the first act. Then I could accept that Fury let's Barton be incarcerated for such a clear case of being enslaved to the bad guy.

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