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Default Re: Thor (from TDW) vs Superman (from MOS) who wins in a fight, and why ?

Originally Posted by Batmannerism View Post
Sigh. Interestingly when people give evidence in court, no two people see the same thing - I know this from experience.

Not being a Superman fan you may not have seen MOS that many times, but anyway, you might recall "Engage all targets" "What about the guy in blue ?"
"Engage all targets" before the military open fire on Superman as well, so saying they helped him doesn't seem quite right. IN fact, cannon fire from the helicopter bounces off his head - not very helpful there. It's hard to allege the military saved Superman, as they were shooting at him too. When he fights Nam Ek one on one, they are both in a hail of bullets.

Now, come on. You're saying that in respect of Thor v Kurse

Dude there's a fine line between extrapolating facts from evidence (like Thor's lightning taking out those whales, while I disagree on whether it's as powerful as heat vision, I have to agree that it certainly appeared very powerful and would probably hurt Superman)....and on the other hand, just making stuff up.

I think you are dangerously close to crossing that line, if you are starting to second guess what the filmmakers intended, and again, if that were true, Loki wouldn't need to step in, which made his "sacrifice " unnecessary.

Did you watch how the Thor vs Hulk fight ends? As the jet pulls up and the guy raises his visor, the Hulk slams Thor to the floor, cut to inside the helicarier where he's holding Thor in one hand and chucks him across the room. Thor looks a bit groggy there, and then he wisely ducks and covers from the cannon fire.

Sadly, I feel we have reached probably the limit of our debate. However, you must be praised for your valiant efforts in defence of the Thunder God. Go back to Asgard and have a beer with the warriors three, if you feel like you made your point, then you can consider that a victory
I said they "helped" I didn't say they intended to help, we all know how things would've been grim for ol Clark without military intervention. Yes the military shot as Supes but a bulk of the attention was on the other kryptonians, even divertd their attention from Supes to take on the army. Now it's a fact that military helped Supes more than hurt in that scenario and that is indisputable.

Saying Thor was groggy after being slammed by Hulk left him groggy is making things up, he got right up and dodged those bullets. Then he ran to Loki's prison cell without stumbling or any other sign of being dazed. Thor landed more blows than Hulk landed, blocked his attacks, and dodged most of then. When Hulk manage to land the only punch he hit Thor with it was a snapshot while Thor was trying to reason with him. Point bank Thor looked damn good against Hulk and it was judged as a pro fight Thor would be ahead on the scoreboards. Don'tlet Hulk's little comeback before the jet came cloud your judgement of the entire fight as a whole

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