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Default Re: The next Wolverine film?

Originally Posted by Antihero View Post
I don't want a overload of mutants.But that doesn't mean it has to be like The Wolverine.Except Wolverine,we didn't get to see to see any mutants displaying their powers at all.Viper was wasted and Yukio's powers aren't interesting.
I don't think Viper was wasted at all especially she wasn't even a mutant in the comics. But I have to say that they should have replaced Harada with another mutant (which is inline with Yashida's obsession with mutants) like Sunfire. Harada just didn't interest me at all.
Originally Posted by Antihero View Post
If Omega Red is the main-villain,I have a feeling the final fight will be disappointing as Wolverine vs Omega Red.The climax seems to be a problem with Wolverine movies,be it Origins or The Wolverine
They just need to hire a good writer that could deliver a solid script.

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