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Default Re: The Double Standards Against Superman

Dude ! It is a great truth of our universe that you can't please everyone.

Personally, I loved MOS, and I was a huge fan of the Chris Reeve SM films, saw them as a kid (in the cinema, yes, I'm ancient !) and loved them to bits.

I went into MOS expecting to hate it, I was one of those people who was really worked up about superman killing, but......surprise surprise I loved it (well the movie, not the killing as such) when I viewed the film as a whole, the death of Zod made perfect sense.

As to the ending, I find it really weird that people don't see it as hopeful. When Lois says
"Welcome to the planet" she's speaking ironically (although that might be Alanis MOrisette Irony, as opposed to true irony), that he's finally joined the human race and found his place in the world.

Anyway, I think that people have to adapt with the times. I think the source of the double-standard is that people haven't let go of Superman films of the past.

Cav-El is a terrific Superman, for our time, the 21st Century, which is quite a dark and troubled time. I was really attached to Reeve as Superman, and still am, but if I let that stop me from enjoying the new interpretation, then I'm just clinging to the past. It is possible to enjoy what's gone before and still accept the new.

As for the carnage, hey if you want superman to be more realistic people, then if he and another Kryptonian throw-down in downtown, then down-town is going to get ****ed up !
The carnage was completely appropriate, I think Supes might have gotten a bit more beat up before he killed Zod, but other than that it was great.
Let's remember, super-hero films are a sub-set of the action genre, if you don't have action in an action film you have....Superman Returns !

No matter what anyone says, MOS was great.....and if you can't accept it was great, then it was at least a million times better than Superman returns ! Even Patrick Stewart hated that one, and that says a lot.

In summary, double-standards bad ! MOS great ! and as always, Superman prevails !

I'd say QED here, but I haven't been very logical. Sorry, if I post again I'll get a bit more logical. Anyway, Peace out !

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