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Default Re: Lex Luthor Casting Thread - Part 3

Reading Superman For All Seasons, I loved the characterization of Lex.
I'd like to see some of it be used here.

He calls Metropolis his city. He helped it flourish.
Lex sees it as his playground, and he can dictate the fate of anything and anyone within it.
He basically thinks of himself as a God for everything he's done, and it's blasphemy if anyone were to go up against him.
He genuinely believes that he loves and cares deeply about Metropolis. But in reality, he only cares about his status and image, and the power it gives him.
And he'll wreak a terrible revenge on anybody who even just disrespects him and tarnishes his good name in any way.

Now imagine that characterization was used here.
An alien appears, and destroys his city. And now people are calling him their hero, and he's the saviour of Metropolis, of the world.

Would Lex appreciate that?
The only way Lex would get over it, if he were to control Superman, cast him as his property. Like SFAS.
And when that doesn't happen, Lex begins to resent the Man of Steel. Hatching a plan to rid of him, and replace his presence with creations of his own that makes Superman obsolete. Lex becomes the hero again, refilling his hurt ego.

I'd like to see this if he were to appear.

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