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Default Re: What did you LIKE and ENJOY about Iron Man 3 [SPOILERS]

Originally Posted by TheDarkKnight08 View Post
The whole damn thing. Even the Mandarin thing. Trust me, I'd much rather have MCU Mandarin be remembered as a buff, tattooed scientist who can physically go toe to toe with Iron Man than as what we were gonna get. If Killian was wearing a green robe and 10 rings, then no one would be complaining about that twist, trust me. I liked what we got, I just didn't like how he was killed, but whatevs.

Every action sequence, especially from when Tony builds himself some non-lethal weapons to sneak into Mandarin's mansion til he finally get the Mark 42 back. Seeing Tony Stark use his smarts and kick that much ass without a suit was incredibly awesome.

I've been saying this the whole freakin' flippin' time!!!! Nobody, and I mean nobody can honestly say they really gave a POOP about the Mandarin as a comic book character. If you gathered 500 Marvel fanpeople in a room and had them make a top 10 Marvel villain list I doubt the Mandarin would crack 100 peoples list. Sure, he's the most well known Iron Man villain, but that doesn't make him any good. He's ok. He's passable but I've never thought he was all that interesting. Iron Mans villains as a whole are some of the most boring of any mainstream hero in comics if you ask me.

I know not all comic fans hate the twist. I have one OBSESSIVE comic book geek friend who absolutely thought the twist was genius and can't stand how everyone is freaking out over it. I don't like to generalize, but I think a lot of people who hate the twist simply because it's a twist and that they changed the character. Not because they feel strongly towards said character, just that they changed him.

What really irks me though is one friend I have. He's a fan of superheroes, but he'd only read comics when he was a little kid. I don't think he's picked one up in 20 years. (he's a older than me by quite a few years by the way. Met him at work. I'm 24 he's 30). When he's Syked for a new superhero movie he'll talk to me about it and I'll mention semi recent to recent runs of comics and he won't know a damn thing I'm talking about. I don't hold it against him mind you, not at all but he acted SO betrayed by the twist you would think he was the biggest Mandarin fanboy on the planet. "MAN! I WAS WAITING TO SEE IRON MANS BIGGEST FOE ON THE BIG SCREEN AND THEY CHEATED ME!!!!"

He didn't know thing one about the Mandarin other than that he is the main foe of the hero. He was pissed for the simple fact of being pissed. I even called him out on it when he posted his resentment on facebook. I wasn't a dick but explained that the Mandarin has changed looks, origins and motivations numerous times over the years. More so than most villains or heroes in general. I explained to him how Killian was meant to be the Mandarin and yadda yadda yadda and he was just so obstinate about it. "No, he wasn't the Mandarin cuz he WASN'T the Mandarin!" was pretty much the gist of his argument. I love the guy, but he's a tad silly sometimes.

I bet my freakin' paycheck if Killian was wearing the rob and rings when he said "I am the Mandarin!" the hate for the twist would be reduced by half...maybe even less. That's not the say that some people can't like the twist on a wholly cinematic level. That's completely understandable if it just simply took you out of the story and didn't work within the film for you. The *****storm this has caused on the web is just sad imo.

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