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Default Re: The Double Standards Against Superman

Originally Posted by hopefuldreamer View Post

But it's not as though I am a stubborn fan of pre crisis era Supes like Kurosawa was.

I want a human personality. I want Clark the man, Superman the Superhero part of him.

And that involves a certain amount of being falliable and not having an answer for everything.

There's just this really fine line between making the hero relatable and pulling them so far down to our level that they don't feel as inspiring anymore.

As for the neck snap, I know people will laugh at me for saying it, but I just find the action of a neck snap so much more brutal and violent than fall from a hellicarrier or being thrown into something.

It's just so hands on. Brutal, close up violence, and this loud crack that echoes through a silent building.

It's much more shocking to me.

Praise it if you will. It makes me cry every single time.

I went and saw "Man of Steel" in theaters 5 times, and each time I went and saw that moment, my heart started racing because I knew what was going to happen each time I viewed the film. And every time the scene played out, there was a huge gasp, followed by eerie silence within the theater room that I was in. If I didn't know it any better, I'd say that a lot of people (the ones that didn't spoil themselves of the ending) felt as though a loud and violent explosion just erupted.

I swear, no matter what anyone else says, Superman is without a doubt the HARDEST character to do on the big screen. There's just no simple way of doing it.haha, especially within today's world.

Honestly, I think the film also caught a lot of people off guard with how brutal it was in general, with how people were killed within the destruction of Metropolis and how powerful the fight was between superman and Zod, etc. I mean, I can't think of any film that saw this large of a body count done so in a such a eerie way for a comic book superhero film.

Though I wonder why no one ever really brings up being disturbed by when CR's Superman literally choked his evil counterpart to death. Honestly, it's that's moment, along with that whole junkyard scene, that really gave me the creeps back when I used to watch it as a kid. It was just so brutal and intimate at the same time. They didn't need super huge special effects to make it brutal; it just felt very real. And yeah, considering that even though it was his evil counterpart, it was still a living sentient being and the fact that Superman killed him by choking him, well I thought that more people would have been bothered by that.

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