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Default Re: Would Richard Grayson be part of this movie?

Originally Posted by shauner111 View Post
Ive been saying this for weeks to my friend but now I think it's going to happen. Dick is Nightwing out of Gotham, having had a falling out with Bruce because when he grew up he wanted to be his own person. Jason was then Robin very briefly until the Joker murdered him (who is back in Arkham at the moment). So Bruce is in this miserable state of mind where he's back to being Batman without any help. This would be pre-Tim Drake (if they ever include him at all).

It's a good way for WB to not actually have a Robin or sidekick, since they may still be worried about having Robin in a live-action movie. I wouldn't blame them. But while having Grayson to establish what kind of a different batman this is. Hopefully if Dick gets a good response they can give the people a Nightwing movie.

Of course they could skip Jason Todd (and Tim Drake) all together. I wouldn't mind.
Why not both? Dick in a Nightwing spin-off and Tim heading up a Teen Titans spin-off.

Jason as a villain can actually explore the ramifications of Robin and actually explain why Robin and the Bat-Family are important to Bruce's psyche. It's a shame the only film that has come that close is Batman & Robin.

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