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Default Re: Would Richard Grayson be part of this movie?

Originally Posted by shauner111 View Post
Not the biggest fan of Hush. But I guess exploring the bat family could be a new thing, and trying to take it seriously with a dark tone. That's new for everyone.
That's what I want to see with Batman in the DCCU as an Arthurian type figure.

Hush would only really serve as inspiration like the several titles did for TDKT, it would take inspiration in the fact that a villain who knows Bruce personally is stalking his life and striking at his heart, and maybe the confrontation in the graveyard.

Red Hood at the center of it, with maybe Penguin and Black Mask as side characters. Flashbacks to Todd getting killed by Joker. I guess I would be down for that. But I just really want to see a new version of Penguin in this universe. I also don't think WB will choose Red Hood over Riddler. The marketing potential and star potential for that role is just too much to avoid.
Riddler undoubtedly would have fantastic marketing, it could be a repeat of The Dark Knight, or even bigger now there is a larger social media platform to exploit.

Maybe for a second solo movie they can do the whole Jason/Bat-Family storyline.

Oh, I'd love for Batman to have an establishing film first, maybe with Strange and Riddler as villains. Preferably if there is a trilogy I'd love Strange and Nygma in the first film, Jason and Joker in the second and Simon Hurt in the finale attcking all of Bruce's family and his reputation.

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