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Default Re: Would Richard Grayson be part of this movie?

Originally Posted by Compi716 View Post
While I LOVE the idea of including Dick, I can't say I'm too thrilled about his introduction in this series being as Nightwing. He has such a great origin story (see: Dark Victory), and it would be such a shame to breeze over that. (I'm also not so anger-filled partial to the "Batman-Robin Break-Up," as I enjoy stories where they are close BFFs, but that's another story altogether.)

This sort of goes back to my problem with the "older, grizzled" Batman. If he was younger, we could watch these characters grow and evolve TOGETHER, much like in the comics. Now we're sort of stuck with this "Veteran Batman/Rookie Superman" relationship.

I'm not passing judgement yet, as I very much enjoyed Man of Steel. But I can't say I'm totally thrilled either. Who knows, though...I may be very pleasantly surprised.
Hopefully we can get some flashbacks ala Robin's Reckoning. I say that if the next solo movie has elements of Robin's Reckoning, Robin Year One and Dark Victory, then we can safely assume the GA will like Robin again

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