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Default Re: Should Marvel Get The Rights Back To All It's Characters?

Originally Posted by roach View Post
thats a lot of money being spent MADE

Originally Posted by cph9fa
Disagree. Marvel Studios seems to be keeping its hands plenty full with developing two major films per year, a spinoff TV series, and now four new netflix series.
Yeah. Keeping their hands plenty consistently adding more to their hands.

Marvel Studios is not some static building with a set number of employees that can not grow. All they DO is grow! They went from a couple of sporadic films, to planning movie phases years in advance, to expanding to television, to expanding to Netflix with 4 new series and a mini-series!

You're honestly telling me that they wouldn't add another film to their annual roster if some of the competition went away?

Marvel Studio makes massive profits on every film they release. The ONLY reason they don't do 3 or 4 films a year is out of fear of market over-saturation (which is far less of a problem with Sony and Fox out of the way), not because they can't afford to do it!

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