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Default Re: The next Wolverine film?

Something just hit me. What if instead of Team X selling Wolverine out, Wolverine kills Stryker in DOFP, joins Alpha Flight... and Alpha Flight are the ones who sell him out to Weapon X.

We knew from X2 that Stryker was a scumbag but what if Guardian and Northstar - whom at the time Wolverine deeply trusts - send him against his will to the Weapon X facility. This is after Guardian is portrayed as somebody who the audience will find likable up until this one final WHAM moment while Northstar may be a jerk with a huge ego problem but he's not somebody whom the audience would think is a "bad guy." Like this time around, the people closest to Logan have sold him out and then FORCIBLY wiped his memory just so he'll continue to trust them. That would be an amazing twist.

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