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Default Re: Lex Luthor Casting Thread - Part 3

Originally Posted by TheFlamingCoco View Post
I think that if Superman is an allegory of immigration and assimilation, then Lex is the corruption of the American Dream. Watching a brilliant mind go to waste, the product of jealousy, obsession, and hate gives the whole essence of the character a sad quality. He isn't an antihero (one whose morals are sound but methods aren't and vice versa) and he's not usually a tragic villain. He's a bad person because he chooses to be, yet I believe he thinks of Superman's inherent goodness as built-in.

He really is Superman-backwards. One who was born a human, but with the restlessness of an animal. Someone who loves public recognition, but uses his persona to hide a certain darkness, while Superman is a bit of persona to hide Clark's shyness and insecurity.

That's why I think a Clark/Luthor scene near the end is a necessity. Honestly MOS2 should go full circle. From who Clark is, to the way Metropolis reacts to him-and by extension the world-to balancing his life as a superhero and human. It should start with Superman coping from the events of MOS and end with Clark growing as a person, gaining a new enemy or two, but also a few friends (including Jimmy).

Basically, it should be the slow-paced character oriented movie that MOS wasn't, while allowing for a few good fights.

But it will probably be a series of plot-oriented events leading up to a Superman/Batman smackdown, with them making up for it.

I don't think MOS2 will be bad, it just has potential to be a missed opportunity.
In essence, it's a "I've been busting my ass for years and this guy comes from some other place and trumps me in one fell swoop." It's something definitely to relate to.

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