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Default Re: Would Richard Grayson be part of this movie?

Originally Posted by DChero View Post
I don't mean to offend any Riddler fans, but that's not a premier character to the general audience. Yes, there is much more awareness than Red Hood, but that doesn't directly link to a more positive reception.
Riddler's Villain's month book was like the second biggest Batman or DC villain's book sold.

Riddler is the main villain in Zero Year.

Riddler is a huge factor in the Arkham Games.

He is premier.

Originally Posted by shauner111 View Post
Good idea. Barbara should be the Oracle and not Batgirl. Grayson was Robin but now he's Nightwing. Done.
I wouldn't mind her as Batgirl though. Would be nice to get Batgirl. First movie the 3 of them against Riddler than maybe for a sequel, we do Killing Joke and add Harley and have Barbara paralyzed.

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