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Default Re: Fan Review Thread SPOILERS INSIDE - Part 1

Just saw Thor: The Dark World. Here is my non-spoilery version of a review:

I think the movie started slowly. When Malekith comes into the main plot, it flowed a lot better. Malekith's plan was nothing special, I would agree with that criticism of the film. That said, unlike Loki in the 1st film, Malekith's arc as a character wasn't a focal point for the story. In the 1st film, Loki's arc was essential to the royal family in turmoil plot working. Here, Malekith is a plot device. Different type of villain, but he worked for what he was.

One thing I really liked about the movie was how it gave depth to Frigga, who was a minimal character at best in Thor. The film also felt very Game of Thrones stylistically, which I think made Asgard seem bigger. In the 1st film, you see basically 4 rooms in Asgard the whole movie. Here, Asgard felt much bigger. I also really liked the arcs given to both Thor and Loki. The scenes with the two of them together were some of the best in the film. The final battle sequence was really fun, too. Hard to follow at times, but gloriously silly.

The biggest problem for the movie is honestly Jane Foster. In this movie, she doesn't do a whole lot, and her interaction with Thor is reduced to just being doughey eyed and staring at him longingly. I think she is the worst main love interest in the MCU by far. The romance is the weakest plotline of the film. I'd also say the movie overall gets confused at to what movie it wants to be. The seeds of it being about Thor and his family, Thor and his romance, the Dark Elves rising again, etc. are all there. But, the movie never seems to commit to which plotline is the most important. For this reason, it suffers a bit from what Iron Man 2 did: lack of focus.

Overall, it was a very different movie from the first one, but fun in it's own right and I won't complain about watching it again many times, LOL! While it is flawed, I think it is a good sequel. I think it was better than Iron Man 2, and in same neighborhood as Iron Man 3. I am curious to see how Thor 3 will build upon how the film ended. The after the credits scene also made me interested to see where the MCU is going as a whole.

Overall rating: 3.5/5

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