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Default Re: The CA:TWS Teaser Trailer (10/24/13) Thread

Originally Posted by Mr. Dent View Post
Well the elevator scene wasn't the best venue for judging that since it was very close quarter and Cap was hampered a lot of it to where he couldn't move well. I will say that it was a very brutal fight with Cap slamming guys into elevator glass with his bare hands and literally kicking the **** out of guys when they try and pin him to a wall with a magnet cuff. The atmosphere was also great and I can already see the Russo's will be masterful at interweaving comedy into it without impeding on the serious tone. Rumlow says "it's nothing personal" as he proceeds to hit Cap with some electric knife and after Cap slams him into the top of the elevator he says "it sure does feel personal" as he flips up his shield. That killed the audience.

Anyway, while the elevator scene isn't a good way to judge his movements, we did see some very brief glimpses of scenes that show how they've changed how Cap moves. I think one of them was at that ship carrier and we see Cap jump over a stairwell and start cutting guys down and they showed a scene of him flipping while fighting someone. You can clearly tell just from those two really brief scenes that they've made him much more agile, nimble, and fluent in his movement,.

This all sounds good to me.

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