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Default Re: The CA:TWS Teaser Trailer (10/24/13) Thread

Originally Posted by Mr. Dent View Post
We see a shot of the Triskelion and an elevator going up it. We go inside and see Cap getting in it. Rumlow gets in acting normally and greets Cap. More and more people start getting in and Cap notices a guy hovering over his gun holster and a guy sweating. Jack Rollins gets in and at that point you get the "does anyone wanna get out" line and you have the fight scene started. After Rollins misses the stab they try and cuff Cap to the wall with a magnet hand cuff or something. Cap fights it off and starts slamming guys all over the place. They eventually manage to cuff him and Cap starts kicking people until he gets his hand free. Rumlow is the last guy standing, says "it's nothing personal", and pulls out two electric knives and attacks Cap. Cap eventually slams him to the top of the elevator. He kicks up the shield and says "it sure feels personal" and then it transitions to the trailer where we got a bit more scenes than what was shown in the one released a couple weeks ago.

This keeps gettin' better an' better.

I have always felt Cap was THE badass of Marvel heroes, while also being one of the most upright and thoughtful ones as well. Those things can coexist in the same person. Put Cap up against your Cable's, Deadpools and Logan's of the MU and I'd put my money on the Sentinel of Liberty to take it 9 falls out of 10 for each of them.

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