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Default Re: Lex Luthor Casting Thread - Part 3

Originally Posted by TheFlamingCoco View Post
I think that if Superman is an allegory of immigration and assimilation, then Lex is the corruption of the American Dream. Watching a brilliant mind go to waste, the product of jealousy, obsession, and hate gives the whole essence of the character a sad quality. He isn't an antihero (one whose morals are sound but methods aren't and vice versa) and he's not usually a tragic villain. He's a bad person because he chooses to be, yet I believe he thinks of Superman's inherent goodness as built-in.

He really is Superman-backwards. One who was born a human, but with the restlessness of an animal. Someone who loves public recognition, but uses his persona to hide a certain darkness, while Superman is a bit of persona to hide Clark's shyness and insecurity.

That's why I think a Clark/Luthor scene near the end is a necessity. Honestly MOS2 should go full circle. From who Clark is, to the way Metropolis reacts to him-and by extension the world-to balancing his life as a superhero and human. It should start with Superman coping from the events of MOS and end with Clark growing as a person, gaining a new enemy or two, but also a few friends (including Jimmy).

Basically, it should be the slow-paced character oriented movie that MOS wasn't, while allowing for a few good fights.

But it will probably be a series of plot-oriented events leading up to a Superman/Batman smackdown, with them making up for it.

I don't think MOS2 will be bad, it just has potential to be a missed opportunity.
You can work both Batman and Lex in and have a decent enough story that fans can agree on which would make "a series of plot-oriented events leading up to a Superman/Batman smackdown" worth it. I'd say Public Enemies is a good story to use where you see both Lex and Batman really be in their element and you could tweak it to have Batman be the antagonist to Supes(thus keeping the whole Batman vs Superman thing going), basically replace all that legion of super-villains, and Luthor's superhero goon squad with Batman with the full resources of Lex Luthor and the American Government after Superman, essentially it also becomes a role reversal to TDKReturns where Superman's the upstart and Batman's a pawn used by the overarching bad guy.

Scenes like these is probably what we all want for Superman and Lex Luthor:

Originally Posted by GreenKToo View Post
I understand why they did it, but it doesnt make it any easier to just have Lex show up in MoS 2 like I think he will, in full on villain mode.
IMO they should have shown him having a bigger presence in MoS without actually having the camera on his face.

Maybe news reports stating that Lex blames superman for all thats happened, etc etc.

I think he needed a buildup in MoS. It would have been cool to see them show a young Lex and why he is the way he is as an adult. the whole time the camera could have just shown a back of the head shot o fan adult Lex, and flashbacks to his youth. they could later cast whomever they wanted as adult lex.

Yeah, I know, MoS was about superman, but Lex is gonna feel kinda forced now. unless they go the joker route like in TDK and we never know his true back story. he just IS.
The worst thing Snyder could do with Lex Luthor at this stage is to tease him Thanos-style in Superman/Batman and not have him come out in full force. We had plenty of teasing in MOS, I mean didn't Luthor have the highest Easter Egg count in the movie? To me, the Lex Luthor Easter Eggs were probably the most well placed Easter Eggs not only teasing him but also a sense that Lex really owns Metropolis. If there's anything Man of Steel effectively pulled off, was the ability to plant seeds. There are probably 100 different ways to launch Lex Luthor and Snyder would be crazy not take himself up on those. Lex would feel anything but forced, he'd be a perfect fit and probably the most logical decision Snyder should do at this stage.

On another note, does anyone see Lex starting out initially as an ally to Superman in any way in this movie and then have him move in a downward spiral into villainy ala Smallville or Harvey Dent in TDK?

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