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Default Re: Battle Of The Super Villains 2013

Originally Posted by BigThor View Post
That's saying a lot that you think Zod only wins by a hair.

Tru dat bro !

Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:

It's all about who gets in the first strike.

Malekith had the power to extinguish all the light in the universe, or blow up all the realms, a bit unclear, need to see TDW again. Why thor wasn't disintegrated by it, not sure, I'm guessing Malekith wasn't using it at full potency, or that it could only destroy the realms at the moment of their
alignment -either way, with the Aether Malekith was easily a match for Thor,
in fact Thor was only able to defeat him with the help of Selvig's special
devices, specifically designed to counter the Aether's effects (and then the
space ship crushed him, we aren't even sure if he's dead).

part of it depends on whether Zod's powers work against magic. Comic book Zod would have serious trouble with comic book Malekith the Accursed, who has vast evil magical powers. Again, it depends who strikes first. If Zod got in the first shot, Malekith would be screwed (comic book Zod is arguably nastier than movie Zod), and if Malekith got off a spell, comic book Zod would be buggered.

back to the films, its all about who gets in the first strike.
Zod's ruthlessless, fighting skills, super-speed and willingness to kill with heat vision, might give him the edge, but only with a first-strike advantage. If Malekith unleashed the aether at full power, I doubt Zod could withstand it (particularly as it extinguishes light, the source of Zod's power).

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