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Default Re: The CA:TWS Teaser Trailer (10/24/13) Thread

Originally Posted by TheVileOne View Post
I saw the whole scene PowerCosmic. The answer is yes. Cap takes on and beats up a whole elevator full of mooks by himself in a very enclosed space.

Cap gets in first. Then Brock Rumlow comes in and asks Cap if he needs any help. A bunch of mooks come in and start crowding the elevator. Cap smells a rat and realizes something is off. They all go after Cap and have tazers and try to shackle him. Cap systematically fights them all off and eats a lot of the tazer blows. Eventually it is just him and Rumlow. Rumlow says, "It's nothing personal." Cap says, "It sure feels personal" and he finishes Rumlow off and knocks him out. Then he flips up the shield with his foot. It's an impressive scene and hows strong and formidable Cap is.

This is the Super Soldier we never saw in two other movies previously.

Wow, now that's what I wanted to hear!

Thanks for your input, Vile.

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