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Default Re: Superman vs Batman movie to feature Wonder Woman?

Originally Posted by KRYPTON INC. View Post
Yeah, I am sorry but there is no need to demystify Paradise Isle or Atlantis, or Zatanna. There is no need to not have Lex Luthor be a polymath genius who could make amazing tech without copying it from K-tech debris. The audience is aware that heroes have various origins that come from different "genres" if you will, by now. They will accept that "magic" and mythological gods, backward talking sorceresses, interstellar peace keepers, a swash buckling vigilante and an alien refugee can exist side by side. Marvel already bet big on something like that and the gamble paid off to the tune of $1 billion and a half.

Yaaaaas! So much truth, my brotha. I still can't believe that people still doubt that heroes of drastically different backgrounds can mesh well after we just got The Avengers.

It's like, what do you people need to convince you? A damn time machine to the future just so you can see how well the movie is received? Lawd.

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