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Default Re: Superman vs Batman movie to feature Wonder Woman?

Originally Posted by lililatigresse View Post
I still haven't seen Oblivion or that last Malick film (maybe she got better), but Olga Kurylenko was AWFUL in Quantum of Solace. She's beautiful, but she's a terrible actress.
Also, I don't think those 3 are testing for WW. Maybe for Talia, Lady Shiva or another character. I don't see WW in them at all.
I actually thought she was the BEST aspect about that movie.

But yeah, of those actresses shown, I think Yung has the closest facial structure for WW.

IDK, I think Olga still looks vulnerable even when trying to be perceived as tough.
Which would make for an excellent Talia. Darn you Miranda Tate and your blinking death scene!

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