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The 70's were just as crappy as today. People wanna act like nihilism only came into vogue with the 21st century, when that's not really the case.

This whole "Relatable hero" fad is just that...a current fad. Now every character is essentially like Spider-Man.
Superman The Movie Was not a reflection of the 70s (more of the 50's).

STM is the way it was because it was the first Superhero movie. But as times progress and the popularity of other heroes and huge film franchises. People gravitate to the other heroes. Superman has fallen in popularity.

I dont think its a fad. Its more realistic. If your a little boy that knows he's different. And you have these powers that no else has. You would be freaked out. Clark is not a normal kid. With bullying being a big issue today it can be challenging emotionally or depressing.

Superman was raised has a human, wants a human life, wants a human girlfriend, raised as a farmer's son, not a son of a philosopher of life with all the answers.

Donner's films wont work today. Not as a blockbuster film. 12 years in the fortress and then he's Superman. Where is the progression.

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