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Default Re: MCU: Your Thoughts About The Infinity Stones (SPOILERS INSIDE)

Originally Posted by Kaboom View Post
I think the general consensus is the Tesseract is the Space stone. The Aethyr is the Power Stone. And that the Eye of Agomotto will be the Reality stone.

I believe I remember Feige saying CATWS will contribute to all this as well. Wouldn't it make sense if Bucky was being controlled by the Mind Stone? Just my $.02.
I think it's far more likely that the Eye of Agomotto, or whatever Dr. Strange artefact ends up being an infinity stone, is the soul stone rather than the reality stone. All of the infinity stones can comfortably exist in a science fiction setting except for the soul stone, which is where they would probably need to bring magic into it. Plus the Soul Stone is the one Dr. Strange actually possessed in the comics.

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