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Originally Posted by Batmannerism View Post
Okay, reposted my reasons why Faora would win with spoiler tags.
If any of you read my earlier post, I apologize profusely, it was all lies
I made it up - Kurse is actually destroyed by an immense golden egg from a giant Asgardian goose that Odin rides into battle...oh ****, I've done it again. NO it was a giant walrus ridden by Volstaag.....

but in all seriousness, sorry about the earlier spoilers, it's so unusual that we get movies
before the States, won't happen again. Don't worry though, TDW is still mega-awesome,
I enjoyed it more than Avengers (and I'm not a Thor fan, MOS was my fave superhero film this year) anyway, enough about that.

Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:

Faora. No contest.

Combination of super speed, strength and skills. Kurse died when one of those
grenades (he was conveniently carrying) the Dark Elves used, went off and sucked him in. With her speed Faora could have pulled off the same trick - but assuming that he's
left his grenades at home (kind of stupid to carry around the one thing that can definitely
kill you, if you're highly invulnerable to everything else), but anyway, Faora would still take him down.

Kurse could probably hurt Faora, but he'd have to hit her first. Given her speed and
skills, not likely. He's more purpose designed to destroy Asgardians, so he's resistant
to Thor's hammer and Asgardian weaponry, but wouldn't cope with Faora's speed -or savagery, she's just as nasty as he is.

Stronger ? Not so sure. He picks up a boulder and chucks it at Thor, and then pounds on him, making him bleed, but Faora kicks a truck across the street as if it's nothing, and smacks around Superman, who's bigger and stronger than she is.

People are correct, she got knocked out by a missile (which was designed to take out a tank) the face, while experiencing painful sensory overload. Zod didn't pass out from sensory overload, although it clearly hurt him a lot -possibly because he wasn't also hit in THE FACE by a missile at the same time. If Kurse, Thor, or even the Hulk for that matter takes a missile in the face while experiencing sensory overload agony, and don't go down, then I'll re-think my choice.

But otherwise Faora beats Kurse, and then pretty much demolishes Savin and the Viper in about 6.1 seconds ( 6 seconds for Savin, .1 seconds for Viper).

Okay, there you have it.
Kurse without a doubt.
Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:
He was unstoppable. I love how people over rate a speed blitz say Kurse can't catch someone. It's about reaction speed not travel speed. Question, who can scratch Kurse? What is she gonna run around for miles like a gnat around a lion trying to get a lick off? Just an idea of Kurses's invulnerability he tanked Thor's hammer. We've seen the damage that thing can do. The most powerful weapon in the 9 realms... tanked it.

Also Kurse has ridiculous reaction speed. He flicked off The hammer when it was coming at him. The hammer in the movie went to the earth's atmosphere and back within a minute. How's that for a speed feat. That's FASTER THEN A ROCKET SHIP.

So faoroa can fly around like gnat but she'll get swatted like one to. Sure Kurse isn't going to run her down but he doesn't need too.

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Apocalypse scares me...he is why i dont visit earth that much

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