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Default Re: Superman vs Batman movie to feature Wonder Woman?

Originally Posted by Llama_Shepherd View Post
If Wonder Woman and Aquaman are going to be tied to any other heroes, it should be to each other. There was a war in Heaven, and Olympus was fractured. Ares created the Olympians and Temyscira as a perfect warrior race. Poseidon created the Atlanteans in his realm of the sea. The Olympians would be beings similar to "Those Who Came Before" (actually nearly identical).

Then a film exploring this split in Olympus can be seen in a Wonder Woman vs Aquaman film.
Now I would actually be fully okay with this idea. Except for Ares creating the Amazons and Themyscira. I think it should either be Athena or Zeus. Preferably, Athena. But other than that, I actually really like it.

Edit: Actually, I think Hera would be an even better fit than Athena for creating the Amazons and Themyscira.

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