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Default Re: Thor (from TDW) vs Superman (from MOS) who wins in a fight, and why ?

A couple of points
Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:

A) Why does everyone keep forgetting that Thor clearly held back against Hulk? Remember when he had Hulk in a headlock and was saying something to the affect of "Banner Relax We are your friends"? He went nowhere near full force against the Hulk and still outclassed him while fighting him. Plus Thor was trying to contain hulk not destroy him. They were in a packed ship!!

B) The WHOLE ENTIRE SCENE WHERE THOR GETS STABBED AND MADE INVULNERABLE BY LOKI WAS A VISION!! Did everyone forget Avengers where Thor got stabbed by Loki but then immediatley gets up and slams dude on his face?

And yes Kurse was pounding Thor in. But Thor has tanked a ton of hits. In fact as soon as gets owned by Loki Thor gets up and RUNS full speed to Loki's body. Whether it was a set up or not, Thor was clearly A)not knocked out b) or even heavily phased. He fights Malekith to the death 15 minutes later. A Malekith powered by AETHER!! Oh and Kurse was unstoppable. He was powered by an INFINITY GEM. Guy was like the juggernaut on steroids with powers to melt people on top of that

Thor Vs Superman is alot closer then ya making it out to be. I still gotta side with the Mjolnir weilder. Sure Superman can speed blitz, but Thor has all the reaction ability to negate that advantage. Remember Thor blocking the laser beams by the Chitauri that move at about bullet speed? I'm with Thor all the way. GO THOR GO.

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