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Default Re: What did you like about T:TDW?

Anytime Thor was screen, Hemsworth does not get enough credit for these movies. He is just perfect.

Loki was really good, thankfully they redeemed him from the crap that The Avengers writers took on him

Those two together was ridiculously great, the drama, the comedy everything was spot on

Really liked Levi as Fandral, he was barely in it but he was really great with the amount he got

Heimdall was phenomenal, had to get some great Elba to get that awful Pacific Rim taste out of my mouth

The cinematography was top notch, Alan Taylor in general did a really great job directing this movie. I would have loved to see the movie that Taylor would have liked to make, not the one Marvel made him make

The humor I thought was pretty good, few embarrassing attempts at humor including some of the worst writing ever on one joke but for the most part it was a really hilarious movie. I completely lost it when he hung the hammer up, I mean holy crap that was brilliant. Definitely the funniest Marvel movie and it was nice to see that they did it right unlike Iron Man 3 which was mostly cringe worthy

The action scenes were great, love that used a cg Thor more for some cool looking flying stuff, the first one should have utilized that more. Would have loved to see more hand to hand with him but oh well. Would have enjoyed the final battle had it been done good but they screwed it up so that was a bummer

Kurse was really cool, he looked awesome, he was powerful but alas his/Thor's fight scene was eh at best

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