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Default Re: What did you like about T:TDW?

- Asgard was astoundingly beautiful up close. That snowy celebration scene capped off with Thor's quick conversation with Sif was especially breath taking. The general design was superb. Really digging the throne room redesign as well.

- The funeral scene. Incredibly beautiful and emotional.

- Soundtrack. I really enjoyed the music in this film and felt that it extenuated the scenes nicely.

- The acting (for the most part). Thor, Loki, Malekith (for what little he had to work with), Algrim, Odin, Frigga, Selvig, even Jane...all were well acted. However, Hiddleston's performance was undoubtedly a step above the rest even when the rest were very good. An incredible actor. Darcy wasn't terrible, but...meh.

- The Dark Elf designs. I dug em. Wish we could have at least gotten a glimpse behind one of the foot soldier's masks, though.

- The action. Excellent fights, chase scenes, etc. throughout the film. I especially liked Mjolnir's abrupt changes in direction as it raced to meet with Thor as he teleported around the realms during the final battle with Malekith. Very cool.

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