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Originally Posted by ciscostudent561 View Post
Kurse without a doubt.
Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:
He was unstoppable. I love how people over rate a speed blitz say Kurse can't catch someone. It's about reaction speed not travel speed. Question, who can scratch Kurse? What is she gonna run around for miles like a gnat around a lion trying to get a lick off? Just an idea of Kurses's invulnerability he tanked Thor's hammer. We've seen the damage that thing can do. The most powerful weapon in the 9 realms... tanked it.

Also Kurse has ridiculous reaction speed. He flicked off The hammer when it was coming at him. The hammer in the movie went to the earth's atmosphere and back within a minute. How's that for a speed feat. That's FASTER THEN A ROCKET SHIP.

So faoroa can fly around like gnat but she'll get swatted like one to. Sure Kurse isn't going to run her down but he doesn't need too.
No way.
Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:
Kurse was a big, dumb, lumbering oaf who walked very,very slowly, couldn't fly and had no distance attacks at all. In his only fight scene with Thor (A weaker charater than the Superman Faora faced btw) He got some shots in, but Thor wasn't even trying to fight him head on, and was always waiting to sucker him with Loki. As for invulnerability, he had a rod go right through hims, so yeah he'll be slaughtered by Faora.

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