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Default Re: Thor 2: Rotten Tomato Watch

Originally Posted by I SEE SPIDEY View Post
I don't disagree with you at all. Surely Marvel or Warner Brothers (MOS lackluster reviews and huge second weekend plunge) or any company is not HAPPY with lackluster reviews. You are talking to someone whom thinks that the only reason Iron Man 3 didn't drop from Iron Man 2 is because of the Avengers proping it up. Marvel should definitely care about the reception of The Dark World.

I haven't been in the review thread yet so I don't know what the Hyper's who didn't like the film think the problems with it are. As a matter of fact the only review I have read is Devin Faraci's positive one on BadAss Digest. But I take him with a grain of salt now.
Why do you take him with a grain of salt?

Honestly if I were you I would stay away from this thread until you see the movie. I believe in: have your own opinion, and then if you actually care, dissect the hell out of it once the movie comes out and use the critics as a reference point.

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