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Default Re: The next Wolverine film?

Well, here's my take...

#1. Would have loved to have seen Ogun, but that should have been done in the last movie. We now have a Wolverine that never learned the way of the Samurai, and that's too bad. It would have been great to see Logan take Ellen Page's Kitty to learn from Ogun and go from there, but it would be a bit been there, done that now...

#2. Daken isn't that great of a villain. I like the idea of Wolvie having a kid, but the Daken story is really lame. And it ends with Wolvie drowning his own son before things can be reconciled. Not good for the GA.

#3. Lady Deathstrike. Let's be honest, we still haven't been given Lady Deathstrike as a villain. Yes, in Origins there was this character named Lady Deathstrike, but she sucked. It's too bad too because Lady Deathstrike, done well, could have been great!

#4. Cyber. I like the idea of how Cyber is the only villain that Wolverine is actually scared of. But he's only really famous for breaking Wolvie's bone claws, and well, they already had Sabertooth do that.

#5. Omega Red seems like a good choice. At the minimum it gets us in Russia, instead of Japan. But the whole superhuman strength, speed, stamina, durability, agility, and reflexes is a bit overused. His ability to secrete pheromones from his body typically referred to as Death Spores will be difficult to display, and I'm not so sure how that could be used in the story. Looks wise he could be cool, but he's ever only been a villain controlled by another. So who would be controlling him?

#6. The Brood. Guess it could work, but aren't they more of an X-Men tam villain. Yes, it is ultimately Logan that saves the day, because his healing factor allows him to purge himself of the Brood embryo, but this doesn't work unless it's the whole team being affected. Plus wouldn't they come off more like aliens?

#7. Sauron. Same thing really. Isn't he more of an X-Men team villain? Would he even be allowed, or does New Line Cinemas have control of that name?

#8. Wendigo. On the one hand, the story taking place back in Canada would be a good thing. We need to move away from Asia. Although it might be cool to see Wolvie infected by Wendigo and turn into Wolvendigo, and then have to be cured by whichever secondary, young, female character he has with him (like a Jubilee), in the end Wendigo is really a second rate villain.

#9. The Reavers. Hmmm... this one could work. Imagine Wolvie hiding out is say... Australia. A young, 17 year old mutant names Jubilee is hiding out in the area, stealing food, etc. Wolvie gets in a fight and caught by the Reavers. They crucify him as they did in the comic. Jubs helps him and that's how they become friends... Of course, they take out the Reavers and then track down the big, baddie behind the Reavers, who would be... Sinister. Of course this would totally destroy the idea of having the Reavers and Sinister in an X-Men movie. But this could work, I guess. Would be nice to see Jubilee introduced in a Wolvie movie. At the same time, per comic cannon, one of the villains that Wolvie and Jubs fought was Omega Red. Not sure how you could transition from the Reavers in Australia to Omega Red in Russia, but I would still love to see Jubs and the whole Reavers crucifying Wolvie thing...

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