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Default Re: What did you like about T:TDW?

Just some of the main points I liked about the film...

* Production Design was one of the stars of the film to be honest. Sure, AT TIMES, the technology can be a tad confusing and jarring with spaceships, shields, horses, lightsaber swords, flying viking skiffs etc but 90-95% of the production design I LOVED. I like how Taylor honoured the look of the first film by keeping the Jack Kirby designs for the outside of Asgard, but for the INSIDE, he made it a lot more viking, medieval, GOT with candles, toned down costumes, old fashioned taverns etc. He also made Asgard have a strong sense of community which was completely absent in the first film and did not feel like just one family lived there with a couple of theatre sets behind them.

* Obviously Loki I say obviously because of course he's going to be on the 'what did you like about the film' list because Loki's awesome. All I can say whenever he comes on screen the film goes up a notch, the same as Star Trek Into Darkness where whenever Cumberbatch was on the screen it went up a notch and was glued to the screen.

* Thor He was great in the film and Hemsworth has really owned this role now and even though some may argue he may not have much of an arc in this film and needed to show more grief after Frigga's death etc I think he was fantastic in the comedic, action physical scenes. I also loved Thor's more historical looking costume in this film with the gold discs, more leather rather than the plastic look from the first two films and FINALLY the chain mail pants and not those leather 'biker' pants. We also got to see a little more of Thor's power and what he is capable of.

* Action The action in the film is MILES better than the first film because think about it, apart from that Jotunheim fight scene and SOME parts of the final battle, there wasn't any memorable action scenes, all I can remember from the middle of the film was a de-powered Thor rolling around in the mud fighting a SHIELD agent and that's it. And the Destroyer fight was WAY to short and disappointing.

Anyway... Sure theres no action scenes in TDW that will make any 'best action scenes of all time' lists, but they are still MILES better than the first film. The final battle scene was inventive (even though the humour was a tad much at times), the Kurse battle was great and much better utilised than the Destroyer and the invading Asgard scene was fantastic with Frigga getting an awesome fight, dog fights and those black hole grenades that implode where AWESOME!!

* THAT FUNERAL SCENE!!! The funeral scenes needs a separate bullet point because that scene was STUNNING, no dialogue, just music and visuals and arguably one of the best visual moments in a Marvel film ever.

* Kurse He was great in the film and had such a hulking presence and visually close to the comics where he gets that red and yellow helmet. I like the filmmakers made him costume and make-up because it's so easy to make a character like that CGI, but I'm glad they made him 100% practical and went old school. In fact, I loved all the Dark Elf costumes, especially Malekith's make-up even though his character needed more development. That's why I was disappointed with the way the Orcs where handled in The Hobbit, they DID NOT need to be CGI and watching Kurse and The Dark Elves make-up in this film reminds me that practical effects are always better in some cases and I miss the practical Orcs with prosthetics.

* Mid/After Credits Scene, Cameos & Marvel References Sure some people may think the mid credits is camp, bad 80's sci-fi film etc but I think it is because it's out of context, but when viewed as a whole with that same tone, it won't be as jarring, but I loved the fact that even Jaimie Alexander and Ray Stevenson sort of looked uncomfortable in the scene and that look Sif gives when that pink alien introduces them to the Collector and Jaimie Alexander sort of thinks this is weird and what movie am I in. But overall, I still get goosebumps thinking we are getting Thanos soon and the infinity gems or stones is one step closer and is interesting that the Aether and Tesseract are actually infinity stones.

As for that cameo (not spoiling, just in case), whoever thought of that deserves a medal because it was GENIUS!! The actor in that scene was great and was one of the best laughs in the film. I'm glad actually, thinking about it, the film wasn't stuffed to the brim with references and cameos like the last MCU sequel (Yes, I'm talking at IM 2) and kept the SHIELD references to the minimum getting mentioned once and I appreciated that and for the most part, kept to the Thor universe.

* Score The score is not one of the 'best scores ever' or anything like that, but I thought it was a really good score. I did miss the Patrick Doyle theme at times and if he came back, Doyle could of developed the theme even more, but I think that's mine (and many people's) problem with the MCU film scores, no consistency and the themes they already established in the first film can't develop because they change the bloody composer for the next film. But anyways, I think this score was a great substitute and follow up. I did like Brian Tyler's theme though and the more viking choir choices in the score especially for the invading Asgard scene where Malekith first walks out the ship in Asgard and uses one of those black hole grenades on the throne.

* Heimdall He got a lot more to do and I loved his action scene where he got to be a superhero and I liked seeing him be less formal with his helmet off sitting in the pub in one scene.

* Frigga She is AWESOME in this film, sure she hasn't got LOADS of screen time, but like Heimdall, she has a lot more to do and thinking about it, some the best scenes in the film have her in it such as that great little fight scene between her and Malekith and was surprisingly good in a sword fight, a couple of touching scenes with Loki, she's the one to show and help Jane around Asgard, her funeral scene etc. Her role in this film more than made up for what she was lacking in the first film. I even think she had more screen time than Sif in this film, I can't remember?

* Escaping Asgard Plan Scene What I mean about this is there is a scene where Thor is planning to escape Asgard and Thor, Heimdall, Sif, Volstagg and Fandrall are sitiing in the pub planning what to do and it is intercut with the plan happening and just the way it is cut feels like a heist film or something out of Oceans Eleven for a moment which i really liked. The film had a couple of great little ideas like this scattered throughout the film which I would of liked more of.

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